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Talk Highlight — ‘Automated Machine-learning Based Differential Diagnosis’

The speaker presented about an application of leveraging machine learning techs to diagnose heart diseases automatically. Currently those diagnoses mainly rely on the experience of physicians, and it is usually slow for emergency visits. Machine learning techniques can help to speed this up, however, currently there are no differential diagnosis models for heart diseases available for emergency departments. The …

Talk Highlight — ‘Conversation Games with Virtual Humans ‘

AI and conversation bots are one of the most competitive domains in computer science. Such applications utilize both machine learning and NLP techniques to build intelligent dialog machines, which can make conversation with human beings.  The speaker in this talk has given the introduction of the current progress in making conversation bots, and discussed about virtual humans …

Talk Highlight — ‘Combining Attention-Based Approach and Textual Contexts for Event Sequence Prediction’

The speaker of the talk gave the presentation of her project of event detection leveraging attention based approach. Nowadays a large amount of event data are out there in many domains such as social media, health record, and e-commercial webs. The understanding of past events may help us to anticipate future events. The problem and challenge …


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